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HELP! I can’t make sense of all this information!! July 1, 2012

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      So, if you are like most of us, you may be overwhelmed by the contradictory nutrition information you’re bombarded with.  How can the vegan folks be feeling better than ever and curing all of their diseases while the paleo folks are claiming the same thing?  Who do we listen to?  How are we supposed to sort through it all.  So many of the food systems are dogmatic, teaching us that there is a right way and a wrong way.  Sometimes, in our enthusiasm as consumers we get caught up in the dogma and become crusaders for a right way of eating.  It’s easy to do.  The information we receive can be so compelling that is obviously the truth, right?  Well, yes.  and no.  Just like in every other area of life, the truth is contextual.  All of those case studies and testimonials in those amazing life-changing books?  They’re all true. FOR THE PEOPLE THEY WERE TRUE FOR. The author does not tend to receive a bag of letters from the people for whom this book didn’t really resonate, or those who tried it just didn’t feel so great, or didn’t’ lose the weight.  

The other confounding factor is that many of the folks who a trying these rings out and are feeling better are going from a sort of eating free-for-all to an intentional, structured, less-processed food plan.  When this happens, EVERYONE feels better and looks better.  

So, how to make sense of all this?  As a health coach I am currently working with a client who needs a diet that is largely vegan and another who is getting as much red meat in as we can.  How can this be true?  Easy.  Every person has different needs.  One is battling cancer and needs to emphasize detoxification, pH balance, and inflammation (lots of raw and vegan foods with minimal animal products), and the other has been through an ordeal and lost a tremendous amount of blood, and is needing to rebuild.  It is difficult for me, as a health coach to market any sort of one size fits all program because people have such varying needs.  

That said, there are a few universal truths:

  • sugar is not healthy for any of us
  • A low glycemic diet gives us the greatest well-being
  • We need plenty of good quality fats to thrive–these include saturated fats.  I could teach a whole class just on which fats to use when.  My kitchen contains only olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, ghee, and bacon grease.  Were money no object, I might also have walnut and macadamia nut oils.  I only cook with the ones that are solid at room temperature.
  • The vast majority of people on the SAD (Standard American Diet) will feel better if the eliminate or drastically reduce gluten, casein (a milk protein), and refined sugars from their diets
  • If you take on too much change too fast, or go to extremes, you will backslide
  • Processed, artificial, chemically-laden, pre-packaged, preservative rich, etc. foods are not a great idea.
  • the more you make from scratch, at home, the better off you’ll be.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eating well can be a completely delicious and decadent adventure

So, I guess that doesn’t tell you much about how to sift through the info on your own.  I think may of us will benefit form working with a Health Coach to get to the bottom of things.  A health coach can also help you to stay accountable and make the changes that sound impossible possible.  for info on my health coaching services, check out or email me at


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