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Intuitive Paleo Day 10: Fullness Factor: 7.5 (featuring healthy pecan sandies) April 11, 2012

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As a teacher of Intuitive Eating, I use a numerical hunger and fullness scale with clients, and I am always checking in with my own body when I eat to notice where on the scale I’m eating.  The gist is that the scale ranges from starving and beyond at 0, to a very uncomfortable thanksgiving full at 10, and the whole range in between.  The goal is to try and eat before you’re lower than a three, and to avoid going past 7.  At a 3, we are decidedly hungry but not obsessed with food and can still make good choices.  At a 7, we are decidedly no longer hungry and if we were to stop now we’d likely not be hungry for 3-4 more hours. (at 8, we’re aware of a full belly, but not uncomfortable).  

Anyway, I am writing this to you at a solid 7.5.  This was no unconscious overeat session, I went over seven with my eyes wide open on this delicious meal!  

I am reflecting on this because I am noticing that on to a diet based more around solid animal fats and proteins and less around grains and legumes, my hunger levels are easier to regulate.  After a meal with no grains and more meat and veggies, I am really not hungry for hours. But, when I reverted to an old vegetarian favorite: a rich, hungarian mushroom soup, full of cashews and veggies, and ate until I was admittedly well into an 8, I still found myself at an  uncomfortably hungry 1 within a couple of hours.  I guess there’s something to that old “sticks to the ribs” saying!  (If you bet me a few months ago me that I would ever use that expression to talk about how I feel eating meat, I would have lost!)

So, without further ado, tonight’s menu, with the recipes:

Roasted Beets:  Peel and chunk 5 large beets, place in a bowl and toss with oil of choice to coat liberally, and some good quality sea salt.  Spread in an even layer on a baking sheet, and bake at 400 on the top rack for about 30 minutes, until soft and slightly caramelized.

Cauliflower Mash: Steam a head of cauliflower until it is super soft, puree in food processor with ghee, salt, garlic, and a little of your favorite nut milk until you’ve reached an almost mashed-potatoey consistency.  Yummy!

Meatloaf!:  In bowl of kitchenaid mixer fitted with dough hook, place:

1 lb each:

Ground Beef

Ground Lamb

Ground Bison

1 cup almond flour

2 eggs

about a cup of mirepoix (finely chopped onion, celery, and carrot)



other seasonings of your preference.

 Form into two loaves by placing into a loaf pan, and then turning it out onto a baking sheet or broiler pan.  Whisk together the following:

1/4 a can or jar of tomato paste

1/8 cup of prepared mustard

Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1/8 cup coconut sugar

Brush this on the outside of the loaves.  Bake at 400 for 50 minutes.  Use a thermometer to ensure the centers have reached 155 degrees.  

(This got rave reviews from the family, but I prefer it crustier, so I think next time I will mix some of the glaze into the meat mixture, and leave the glaze off the outside).

Use the healthy fats in the pan to make a super delicious gravy for the cauliflower mash.

And finally, the reason I went from a 7 to a 7.5:  PECAN SANDIES!! from

These were SO EASY to make, and they are DELICIOUS!  Seriously yummzville.

Till next time, 




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