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Delicious Green Lemonade pick me up March 31, 2011

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I’ve been cutting back on my after work glass(es) of wine (beer) habit for a bunch of different health reasons.  This is no easy task.  Coming home exhausted at the end of a long day and digging into starting dinner can feel really overwhelming, but put on a little good music and crack a beer or pour a nice glass of red, and the task ahead takes on a whole new feel.  As a proponent of the Intuitive Eating philosophy (with some caveats that I’m sure we’ll get to one of these days), I am not a huge proponent of flat-out self denial, b/c it tends to lead to binges, especially for those with a history of dieting.  So, last night when I had that wilted feeling, I thought, before pouring one glass of wine, I am going to try something energizing that might perk me up, feel like a treat, and keep in line with my anti-cancer health goals.  This is what came of it.  Loaded with electrolytes and vitamin C, as well as powerhouse phytochemicals, every member of my family loved this one.   In fact Josephine (9), said I should put it on my blog!

Pick-Me-Up Green Lemonade

One fresh lemon, peeled

One 12 oz can coconut water

about 8 drops of liquid SteviaClear (or to taste)

one handful fresh clean spinach

Place everything in the blender and blend it for a good 2 minutes or so (I might be that last remaining food blogging smoothie fan without a vitamix).  Let it get really smooth

truth is, it perked me up, and I had what it took to whip up Gluten Free Goddess’s Garden Loaf with some roasted fingerlings with ghee and sea salt and a delicious green salad (with green olive, red onion, pecans, a little cuke (diced, not sliced), carrot cut small, and Annie’s Italian dressing. We didn’t eat till 8 o’clock due to a host of technical difficulties–and my ambitious weeknight menu, but it was one of the nicer family dinners we’ve had in a while.

The veggie loaf didn’t hold together well.  I followed the recipe to a T, a rarity for me (well actually I tinkered with the glaze), so I am not sure what happened.  Adding an egg might have made a world of difference, which I may try.  While not vegan (I tend to follow the 90% rule, limit the absolutes), I try to keep all animal products to a minimum-so I’m torn on this and would love any tips anyone has…has anyone used chia as a binder, or even some egg replacer?  thoughts?




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