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Introductions March 28, 2011

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Let’s begin with introductions, shall we?  I have been marginally obsessed with food and nutrition for some 20-odd years now.  shifting from vegetarian to omnivore and back again–navigating food intolerances (my own and my kids’), sugar addictions (my own and my kids’), various diagnoses, study in alternative medicine and more, there’s a lot to wade through.  Decades of experimentation with the blood type diet, the body ecology diet, paleo, glycemic index, acid/alkaline, anti-inflammatory, weston price and sally fallon, macrobiotics, veganism, anti-cancer and more.  Not to mention that nagging background (and sometimes foreground) obsession with aesthetics bringing weightwatchers, Game On!, Intuitive Eating, South Beach, hell, I think my very first diet was Richard Simmons’ Deal-a-Meal in the 80’s!

Some calm eventually began to break through.  At some point along the ride, I stopped seeing confusing contradictory food and health messages and began to see a whole lot of overlap. Nutrition stopped looking like a giant tangle of information and began to look obvious and simple.  I will be sharing many many thoughts on said obvious nutrition right here, so keep checking in!  At some point, I noticed that loving this body I’m in means nourishing it rationally, organizing around real lasting health.  questions like: “what will give me the best shot at long-term feeling great in this maze where cancer seems around every bend?”  began to out-number questions like: “what will help me look slammin’ in a bathing suit this spring?”

However, having food begin to make sense and behaving sensibly are not the same thing at all, now, are they?  We can know exactly what’s in our best interest, and find ourselves behaving quite differently.   The goal of this blog is two-fold (at least):  To learn a little bit more about my own journey towards walking my talk, while teaching and sharing along the way.  My next career move is to become a health and wellness coach.  That means that I will be helping folks get out of their own way when it comes to all this food and exercise stuff.  But there’s just one more nagging barrier:  I’m still in my own way a good portion of the time!

That’s where you, my readers, come in.  As I go public here, there becomes some accountability.  In my next post you’ll learn a bit about my relationship with cheese and then I think you’ll begin to understand where I’m going with this.


One Response to “Introductions”

  1. Matt M. Says:

    Sounds great, Bridge! It’s inspiring to read about you taking steps to develop a new opportunity for your career and life. Looking forward to reading more.

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